About Us

Hi, I’m Susan. I have been a volunteer myself for many years. Community organizations, schools, hospitals are just some of the groups I have volunteered for. But, I have also been an organizer for many groups. That included recruiting, training and managing volunteers. I learned from some of the best about the value of recognizing and appreciating those volunteers. Currently, I manage the BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue, a life-long dream for me.

We came together to make this site one that is helpful to those who manage volunteers. We know how much time, energy and passion they give to our organizations. Appreciating and recognizing volunteers is just a great way to give back to them.


Hi, I’m Janice. I met Susan years ago at a seminar for the management of volunteers. Like her, I have been a volunteer myself and organizer for volunteers with community groups, schools and political groups. Timing worked out perfectly for us to meet up again over the rescue and love of dogs.

When we decided to coordinate to create and manage this site, it was my idea to make it a funding source for the BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue. All proceeds from this site help to continue the rescue work of this worthy organization.

We welcome comments, suggestions and questions. You can contact us directly or feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts of this site. Thanks for joining us to appreciate and recognize volunteers.



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