Give Personalized Gifts to Recognize Volunteers

We all want to recognize the efforts of our volunteers, so why not use personalized momentos. Highlight special milestones and achievements. It’s not that difficult and doesn’t have to break your bank, either.

We like to use Zazzle products because of the ease of personalizing individual gifts for them. Ordering single items is another feature we like.

Every time a volunteer reaches a milestone in service time or hours, that’s a great opportunity to present a personalized gift to commemorate it. Even small milestones are worth a little recognition. A refrigerator magnet that says: Congratulations on completing your first month with us. Or: You’ve achieved your first 10 hours of service.

What a nice treat that is for your newer volunteers. Use their name in the text where you can. Jane Smith: Thanks for giving 10 hours of service to BuckHawk Center.

And what about those bigger milestones? Bigger gifts if you can. How about a cookie jar for those with 100 hours of service or 1 year anniversary? Again, each gift can be personalized to say just what you want to. Thanks, congratulations, recognition are all good words to use to appreciate your volunteer’s time.

Remember extra achievements and completed projects are worth commemorating as well. You can match the type of achievement or project with a gift item. If a volunteer has been coordinating bakesales for you, a cookie jar is an ideal match. If a volunteer has completed updating your donor data base, a mousepad or laptop sleeve makes a nice thank you gift.

We have a motto: use every excuse in the book to appreciate and recognize your volunteers. And personalized gifts make a great excuse.



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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Excellent ideas for showing your appreciation to volunteers. It means a lot while only costing a little. Zazzle is a great choice — I agree.

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