Ice Cream Social for Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Ice Cream SocialWith summer approaching, we start thinking about fun ways to show our appreciation to our volunteers with summer-fun ideas. Last year, we did an ice cream social and we thought you might like to find out how we did it so you can think about an idea like this.

First of all, we didn’t limit our Ice Cream Social to just ice cream, we also included frozen yogurt and sherbert. We borrowed many large coolers from everyone we could find and filled them large chunks of ice. We were lucky enough to have someone donate these to us, but you can always create your own at home with left over plastic milk jugs and large soda bottles.

What we had to purchase was the gallons of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbert, and we purchased inexpensive ice cream cones. We borrowed enough scoops for each of us serving to use. We put on big aprons and plastic gloves and dug in!

Everybody had a great time enjoying their ice cream cones. Some had mixes of a variety of flavors, others stuck with just one scoop of good basic vanilla. We served about 20 people that afternoon and total cost was less than $200 for us.

Six of volunteers helped with the preparations and the clean up. To each of those, we gave a personalized apron that said: I am official Ice Cream Social Volunteer for the BuckHawk Center, and, of course, decorated it with ice cream cones.

We have seen it done, where each volunteer is given a pin that says: I’m a sweet volunteer. With a picture of an ice cream cone on it. These are easy to order, with no minimum order required through Zazzle. See more of our ideas for small, inexpensive, yet personalized gift items.

Then enjoy your Volunteer Appreciation Ice Cream Social. But keep a watch here as we have many more fun summer events coming up! Better yet, add your name to our email list and receive all these sent right to your inbox.

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