Ideas for Volunteer Recognition Day

With April 20th, which is Volunteer Recognition Day, coming closer we need to be thinking what we will do to appreciate and recognize the efforts of our volunteers. Have you started planning, yet?

At the BuckHawk Center, we are doing two things. We are using that day to have a luncheon for all those who can make it. For those who can’t make it, we are sending a thank you gift to them. This year, we chose food baskets, sort of sharing in the bounty of our luncheon. This is one of the ones on our short list.

Besides appreciating those who are current volunteers, we are also sending thank you cards to those who have been a volunteer with us, but have moved away and can no longer volunteer with us. We think it’s just a good practice to keep thanking them.

Actually, everyone gets a thank you card from us, whether in person or through the mail. Without the efforts of our volunteers, we couldn’t be an organization. Volunteer Recognition Day is another wonderful excuse to show our appreciation.

If your group can celebrate with a large function, we hope you are already planning it. For some of you, you may have been planning it for months. If not, time to get going.

If you can’t have a large function, there are simple ways to celebrate. Even just sending a thank you card is well worth the effort and certainly won’t cost you too much. The point here is to DO something for your volunteers on Volunteer Recognition Day. Remember it’s April 20.

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