Linking Volunteer Recognition to Organization Celebrations

Volunteer Recognition EventIf your organization celebrates its anniversary, that’s a great opportunity to recognize your volunteers. They have been part of your success story and why you even have an anniversary to celebrate. So share that special time with them.

Getting them up on stage for recognition may not always be a big success. Many volunteers are not oriented to the limelight. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. If you see reactions of nervousness when you tell them (ahead of time, of course), then think about other options.

They may be more willing to be pointed out in the crowd, or you can ask them to approach the stage to receive their award or recognition gift. Sometimes it may be a simple as announcing their names and achievements, especially if you have a very large gathering of friends and supporters of your group.

At the very least, take the time to thank your volunteers every time you celebrate your organizational achievements and milestones. A public thank you is easy enough for every group to do.

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