Make a Volunteer’s Day with a Tea Party

There are many wonderful simple ways to show your volunteers that they are appreciated. Surprise them one day with a special afternoon tea service.

It doesn’t have to be fancy and you can prepare it yourself. The cost is minimal but appreciation goes along way.

If you have kitchen facilities, you can easily prepare the tea right in your kitchen. If not, then bring in a hot plate and a kettle to boil the water. A very well cleaned out coffee pot can also function to heat the water.

Use your best tea service to make it extra special for your volunteers, provided the setting is right for those pieces of good china. You don’t want them broken, of course. But, real china works so much better than styrofoam cups.

Add a plate of cookies. Just a simple food choice can be enough, but you can go with a variety of foods if your budget allows.

Granted not everyone is a fan of tea. Adding in options for other kinds of drinks, like coffee, sodas, or juices, if you can is a good idea. Although, many people will participate in the tea drinking if served as a special event. Plus a way to say thanks to those volunteers.

Simple and surprise ideas to let your volunteers know they are appreciated can be done on a small budget. Often times, it just those little things that matter.

If you want to find out more about what foods to serve or how to brew the perfect pot of tea, visit Whimsical Teapots and Teacups. It’s all about sharing tea time with special people. And we think our volunteers are very special.

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