Planning Volunteer Fun with Wacky Holidays in July, Part 2

Last time, we had fun talking about the wacky holidays that are for the whole month of July. You need to be thinking ahead of time, so that you can get these fun ideas planned out and ready to be implemented when July comes around. So we are continuing to give you more wacky holidays in July. These are the single day holidays. And all are continuing the food theme for the month.

July 11th is Slurpee Day. You can certainly imagine who came up with that wacky holiday! But it would be such a refreshing way to say thanks to your volunteers. Just so you know, you can make your own Slurpee’s, or slushes, right in a blender. The key is to add in lots of fruit, a little fruit juice and some crushed ice. Blend it good and you have a healthy Slurpee at a lot less expense.

Gummi Worm Day is July 15th. An easy way to celebrate this holiday for your volunteers is to make frosted brownies where the Gummi Worms are mixed into the frosting before it’s spread over the brownies. A great treat to say thanks to your volunteers.

But, there’s more. July 20th is National Lollipop Day. National Milk Chocolate Day is July 28th and Cheesecake Day is July 30th. We think you can come up with some great treats to bring to your volunteers on these days.

Celebrate the value your volunteers bring to your group or organization with some of these simple and inexpensive ways to say thanks for all you do. Wacky holidays are just a fun excuse.


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