Cookie and Candy Jars to Personalize

Cookie or candy jars make delightful ways to show your appreciation for your volunteers’ efforts. This is a great way to commemorate a special event or milestone.

When we had a weekly bake sale as a fund-raiser, the volunteers who organized it were each given a special cookie jar with their name and our logo on it. We added extra images and text that said thanks. But bake sales aren’t the only way to use cookie or candy jars as a way to say thank you. Think of other special ways that you can recognize volunteers for their efforts.

Each of these can be completely customized with your own logo or image and your own text. They can also be personalized for each volunteer. It’s easy to do through Zazzle, but we would be glad to help you. Just ask.


Design Your Own Jar Red Heart Candy Jar Blue Owls Cookie Jar
Doggie Treat Jars, too Vintage Floral Cookie Jar Brown and Blue Dots
Cartoon Bird Candy Jar Paris Patisserie Cookie Jar Cat Treat Jars
Cheerful Cookie Jar Caught in the Act Cute Cupcakes Candy Jar
Vintage Roses Cookie Jar Juicy Cherries Candy Jar Cookie Words Cookie Jar
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