Thank You Treasure Boxes for Volunteer Appreciation

Thank-You-Treasure-BoxesWith the holidays comes a great way to show our appreciation for all the efforts and time volunteers give. For most of us budget is a consideration, so we need to look for gift ideas that aren’t too expensive, yet still offer something special for volunteers. That’s what these treasure boxes are.

Special Ways to Say Thank You

We look for just about every way we can say thank you to our volunteers. To have a gift that will last for years and reminds volunteers of how much they are appreciated is ideal. I feature these treasure boxes because of how beautiful they are.

Customize for Your Own Volunteers and Organization

With every gift, I look for ways to make it more custom to our organization and to the volunteer. It’s easy to customize these keepsake boxes. Usually, I upload our organization name or logo, then add the volunteer’s name. That makes it so much more personal and special for each volunteer. Since there is no minimum number to order I can make them each that personal.

Many of these designs are perfect for customizing, but with a little artistic talent you can create your own design just for the type of organization you are. Or for the type of work your volunteers do. Some imagination in creating treasure boxes just for saying thank you can go along way.

Holiday Gifts with Appreciation

Christmas time is a great time to say an extra thank you to our volunteers. Picking designs that are just for the holidays keeps the memory of these gifts longer. And I promise you, your volunteers will appreciate what you have done for them, even if it’s on a budget.

Take Every Opportunity to Say Thanks

Here, we strongly advocate taking every opportunity you can to thank your volunteers in any way your budget will allow. Sometimes, it’s just the little things that will make a difference. Small gifts, like keepsake boxes, are great ways to say thanks.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I think these thank you treasure boxes are a wonderful gift and way to say thank you!

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