Volunteer Appreciation Watermelon Party

Volunteers Eating WatermelonWhen you are looking for fun summer activities to thank your volunteers, a Watermelon Party can be a fun alternative. Watermelon can become pretty inexpensive during the summer, especially if you can buy them from a farm stand.

Inexpensive Appreciation Event

If you have a regular farmer’s market in your area, you can talk to the vendors who are selling watermelon. They may be pleased to offer you a discount, or even provide you with the freshest watermelon on the day of your event. It’s worth asking.

Your expenses, besides the watermelon, will only be paper plates and plenty of napkins. If you can hold it an appropriate place, seed spitting is always a fun game to add to your event. You can provide drinks for your watermelon party, but that isn’t always needed since the watermelon is so juicy.

Special Rewards for Helpers

If you can afford it, a fun gift would be a personalized apron for each volunteer. Get creative with this. A large watermelon on the front of each with some cute saying like: I’m a volunteer watermelon eater for the BuckHawk Center. (insert your own organization name, of course.)

If budget restricts your ability to give gifts, think about a certificate. You can print them up from your own computer and add your own wording. Again, get creative with humorous award-wining text for your volunteers. Jane is awarded the Melon for thinking up this cute idea. And decorate your certificates with watermelon clip art. We often have to get quite creative when the budget is tight.

Summer Time For Volunteer Parties

Don’t forget to check out our Volunteer Appreciation Ice Cream Social for another way to have some summer-fun events. Summer events are always fun for volunteers and those who are responsible for thanking them. So enjoy more activities and parties with your volunteers. Not only will they enjoy it, but you will, too.

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