Volunteer Recognition Day

It’s coming sooner than you may think. April 20th is Volunteer Recognition Day. This is a perfect excuse to plan something special for your volunteers. The same way we celebrate Administrative Assistant’s Day and Nurses Day, we need to be celebrating Volunteer Recognition Day.

If you need to, use the whole week. It falls on a Friday this year. For some of us, not all our volunteers will be at our location on Friday. So using the whole week to celebrate will assure us that we get those volunteers who may not be joining us on Fridays.

If you want to plan something special to invite all your volunteers, this is the perfect excuse. After all, we need to take every opportunity to appreciate and recognize our volunteers.

At the least, take a little time now and create some cute recognition gifts. You can personalize them and have great little options to give to your volunteers. Then think about things like special refreshments to serve your volunteers. This is a day, or week, devoted just to celebrating volunteers and recognizing their efforts. So take advantage of it.

We’ll be adding more ideas for ways to celebrate Volunteer Recognition Day so keep a watch. Bet yet, subscribe and get these ideas sent directly to your inbox.

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