Welcome New Volunteers

Every time a new volunteer joins your group, a welcome is important. This seems like a commonsense type of thing, but when we are busy, welcoming a new volunteer can get lost in the shuffle. Take the time to remember this step.

Formal introductions to the other volunteers and staff is a nice touch. But that isn’t always necessary. Just in the process of showing the new volunteer around and introducing him or her to the workings of your organization can be a way of meeting others.

If your budget allows, a simple thanks-for-joining-us gift is a good gesture. If you have promotional items, like keychains or pens, make sure to give one to your new volunteer. Even a simple welcome card shows that you are happy to have them join your group.

So remember to add “welcome new volunteers” to your reminder list. It will go along way in your Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation program.

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