Young Volunteers Returning to School

For many of us, the end of summer signals a loss of some of our young volunteers. We have enjoyed having the extra help for the summer. Some of our volunteers were working toward class projects, some were just getting a chance to help out, but each of them was a valuable asset in our summer work load. So we want take the time to thank them for what they have done.

We decided this year an ice cream social is in order. It’s not too expensive and our student volunteers always love ice cream. You may not have the time or ability to have an appreciation event, but taking some time to thank them for the effort they put in is worth it to both you and them.

You can certainly afford to wish them well on their future endeavors and thank them. You may also be able to give them at least a thank you card, if not a personalized note book or treasure box. What student can’t use an extra note book or some place to keep those special momentos from school days?

If you can afford to do something more for them, please do. The fact that they supported you and helped out should be a memory that they will remember. Giving them something personal to show your appreciation will be long treasured. And who knows, you just may gain a volunteer for next summer as well.

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